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fibermesh_fpoTough Enough for Roads. . .Or Runways…Or Ports.

Few types of concrete applications are subjected to the extreme demands of pavements, with continual traffic from everything from automobiles to airliners-not to mention temperature fluctuations and other stresses. Fortunately, the fiber reinforcement experts at Fibermesh® offer proven steel, synthetic and blended solutions designed to perform in a wide range of pavement applications-including over 30 years of proven results in heavy-duty concrete overlay and pavement applications like interstate highways, bridges and high capacity airports.

Applications Include: City streets and intersections, Local or low-volume roads, Interstate highways, Parking areas, Taxiways, Airport aprons, Overlays & toppings, Slip formed concrete, Ultra-thin whitetopping, Bridge deck overlays and walls, Barrier walls, Hangers, Intermodal facilities, Port facilities

Performs Where It Counts. All Over.

  • Uniform distribution of the fibers helps create concrete composites that are tougher and much more durable.
  • Inhibits crack development and provides post-crack load capacity.
  • Provides superior flexural ductility and toughness, shear strength, fatigue endurance and impact resistance.
  • Reduces spalling at contraction joints by keeping them tighter and more stable.
  • The fibers are designed to increase the bond and interfacial friction between aggregates and cement paste.
  • High tensile strength Novocon® steel concrete fibers can be used in heavy-duty concrete overlays. For combined early age plastic crack control and long-term drying shrinkage cracking, use our Novomesh® macro blended fiber technology as an alternative to steel.
  • Service life of fiber reinforced concrete structures is increased over plain concrete or asphalt, resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

Your First Choice For Ultra-Thin Whitetopping (UTW).

An ideal, cost-effective solution for the restoration of deteriorated asphalt pavements on highways, streets, general aviation airports and parking areas.

  • Requires placing 2-4 inches of Fibermesh® reinforced concrete overlay on a deteriorated asphalt pavement.
  • Can be accomplished with “fast-track” construction techniques and conventional tools and equipment.
  • Fast-track UTW designs can be placed using conventional paving equipment and can handle traffic within 24 hours.
  • Allows for rehabilitation with minimal inconvenience to the public such as lane closures.

An Ideal Addition to Your Slip Forming Projects.

  • Fibermesh® fibers provide a cohesive mix, creating a three-dimensional reinforcement system, which is always positioned properly.
  • Provides impact resistance and reduces plastic shrinkage and settlement crack formation.
  • Saves time and the additional labor costs associated with placing traditional steel reinforcement.
  • Offers less edge slump during extrusions.

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