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You know you need Fiber Reinforced Concrete in your design, but you may not know the best path to get your design questions answered. Our team is committed to bringing you the best technical support in the industry. With our design programs you can control the project perimeters on your own or simply reach out to your local Fibermesh® representative (find your representative here).

Fibermesh® fibers are manufactured and supervised by a highly trained quality control team in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. The fibers are then packaged in our modernized plant with special attention to uniform distribution of fibers throughout the concrete mix.  Fibermesh® reinforced concrete has the properties to resist internal stresses due to shrinkage and have been shown to improve specific material properties of concrete. These improvements include impact resistance, flexural strength, toughness, fatigue resistance, and ductility. Proper use of fibers in your design can often lead to a significant cost saving, let’s get started on your current project.


As part of our ongoing support for engineers, we now offer FIBERSAVE; a comprehensive design program to complete your slab on ground design. FIBERSAVE is based on accepted design procedures per ACI or TR34 and is available to you online.


We’re here to provide engineering and technical assistance as you need it.


Just call toll free 1-800-214-2737 and one of our engineering team members will be ready to help.

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