FIBERMESH | Batching Tips – Micro Fibers
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Batching Tips – Micro Fibers

Fibermesh micro synthetic fibers reinforcement are typically used in wide range of infrastructure and superstructure projects as a shrinkage reinforcement material to reduce early-age cracking.

Fibermesh micro fibers may be added to concrete at any point during the batching or mixing process. Fibermesh micro fibers may be added to:

  • Aggregate during weighing
  • Aggregate during charging
  • Central Mixer
  • Ready mix truck before charging
  • Ready mix truck during charging
  • Ready mix truck after charging

The concrete must be mixed at high speed for 5 minutes, or 70 revolutions, after the addition of Fibermesh micro fibers to ensure uniform distribution. Mixing times may vary please contact Fibermesh representative for further assistance. Mixing time may vary due to wear on blades, blade arrangement and cleanliness of mixer.

Fibermesh micro fibers are compatible with admixtures. Micro fibers in concrete are purely mechanical and will not adversely affect the hydration process.

Fibermesh micro fibers are available in pre-weighted bags which are added, unopened, directly to the concrete mix. The specially designed fiber bags disintegrate and disperse the fibers throughout the mix.

Experience has shown, that in mixes containing micro silica the degradable bags should be added prior to the micro silica.

See Fibermesh micro fibers data sheets for recommended dosages.