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Synthetic Fibers

From the development of the first micro-synthetic fibers more than 20 years ago to the latest breakthrough in macro-synthetic fibers, Propex Concrete Systems is your single source for synthetic fiber solutions.


Expressly formulated to address early age cracking problems, Fibermesh® micro-synthetic fibers prevent 80-100% of all cracks in the plastic state - precisely when most cracks occur. During the plastic settlement phase, the fibers create a three-dimensional support network that resists the downward pull of gravity, thus keeping aggregates in suspension and promoting uniform bleeding. This network increases the tensile strain capacity of concrete during the plastic shrinkage phase as well. Another advantage of polypropylene fibers is their ability to mitigate the explosive tendency of concrete during fires, because they melt and relieve volatile steam pressure in concrete. Even finishing Fibermesh products is easy. In applications where aesthetics are especially important, you can choose a Fibermesh product that provides a virtually invisible finish. In sum, it is clear why Fibermesh remains the world's most specified concrete reinforcement fiber, year after year.


Representing a quantum technological leap in fibers, our high performance polymer macro-fibers are made from a revolutionary material that offers the long-term performance of steel fibers at a lower dosage rate. The unique sinusoidal, wavelike shape of each fiber serves to anchor it firmly within the concrete. At the same time, the design of the fibers allows for addition at a much higher rate per unit volume, infusing the concrete with added levels of toughness, energy absorption and durability. In addition, macro-synthetic fibers provide an added measure of crack control without the risk of corrosion associated with steel. When used in shotcrete applications, these high-tech fibers provide increased adhesion, so you'll not only experience less rebound and waste, you will be able to apply thicker layers of concrete in one pass.



Fibermesh® 650
Fibermesh® 650, Macro-synthetic graded alloy polymer fiber featuring e3® patented technology.

Fibermesh® 150
Fibermesh 150, formerly Stealth® e3®, micro-reinforcement system for concrete-100 percent virgin homopolymer polypropylene multifilament fibers with e3® patented technology.

Fibermesh® 300
Fibermesh 300, formerly InForce™ e3®, micro-reinforcement system for concrete-100 percent virgin homopolymer polypropylene fibrillated fibers with e3® patented technology.

Fibercast® 500 for Precast
Fibercast 500, formerly Harbourite®, micro-reinforcement system for concrete-100 percent virgin homopolymer polypropylene fibers made specifically for the precast market.

ENDURO 600 is the latest high performance macro-synthetic fiber developed from the innovative HPP technology which was pioneered and patented by Propex Concrete Systems.

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