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Industrial Slabs

The Steel Fiber With Industrial-Strength Toughness.

Industrial applications can test the strength and toughness of concrete floors to their very limits. These heavy-duty floors are often required to perform under intense static and dynamic loads, impact stresses and flexural fatigue. If improperly designed and reinforced, concrete slabs can fail, causing significant loss in productivity and increasing maintenance costs. Fortunately, one family of steel fiber reinforcement products has been tested and proven time and again in some of the most demanding industrial environments in the world: Novocon® products from Sika Fibermesh.


  • Novocon steel concrete fibers for temperature shrinkage reinforcement improve flexural toughness, fatigue endurance, shear strength, ductility and energy absorption of concrete.
  • Enables concrete to withstand greater stresses, both prior to and after cracking.
  • Provides superior crack width control and unequalled impact resistance.
  • Performs under intense loading conditions, including dynamic wheel loads, static rack loads, uniform distributed loads, impact from falling loads and vibration from production machines.
  • Offers three-dimensional homogenous reinforcement, which is always positioned properly.

Fights Costly Cracks at Transfer Joints.

  • High tensile strength fibers create a tighter aggregate interlock at cracks and contraction joints, which increases load carrying capacity and provides more stable transfer.
  • Helps prevent rocking and unstable joints, and loss of filler material.
  • Minimizes random cracking between joints to reduce the need for long-term maintenance of the floor system.

Our team consists of highly qualified engineers and fiber reinforced concrete specialists who will analyze the needs of owners, engineers and end users. We will recommend a highly efficient and cost-effective solution to optimize long-term performance of your concrete flooring system.

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