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Fibercast® 500


The Precast Reinforcement That Enhances Profits.

Manufacturers of precast products can experience immediate savings on materials with Fibercast® synthetic reinforcement solutions from Propex Concrete Systems. But that is just the beginning of the cost reductions. From reduced rework to labor expenses to faster cycle times, Fibercast dramatically lowers costs throughout the production process.

Proven in a Wide Variety of Applications: Septic tanks, Marine products, Agricultural products , Burial vaults, Utility structures, Hazardous material storage, Manhole cones and risers, Statuaries

Offers Substantial Savings in Time and Money.

Shortens Cycle Times by Adding Unprecedented Green Strength.

Fibercast fibers provide a two-hour advance on handling strength, due to extraordinary improvements in the green strength and cohesiveness of precast forms. With Propex Fibercast fibers, cycle times are reduced by 30%, which lowers plant overhead per unit and increases total production.