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Advanced Solutions for Tough Commercial Applications.

Commercial projects demand proven solutions-like Novomesh® products from Propex Concrete Systems. Made with Propex's time-tested micro-synthetic, macro-synthetic and steel fiber components, these blended systems offer unmatched reinforcement performance throughout the entire life span of the concrete-plus the ease-of-use you'd expect from the world's leader in fiber reinforcement.

Ideal for these applications and others: Driveways, Warehouse floors, Shopping centers, Manufacturing facilities, Storage centers, Hotels, Restaurants, Parking areas, Churches, Office buildings, Hospitals, Institutional/educational facilities, Composite metal decks

Easy, Safe and Cost-Effective.

Flexural Concrete Reinforcement Traditional Steel Methods Can't Match.

Much like our Fibermesh® family of synthetic products, our Novomesh blended products work to reduce the formation of plastic shrinkage and settlement cracks, allowing the concrete to develop its optimum long-term integrity.

Novomesh products also work to reduce drying and restrained shrinkage cracking that may occur over time, resulting in redistribution of stresses to a crack-free area of the concrete. This, along with tighter-held cracks, provides years of exceptional toughness.

Novomesh works throughout the concrete to reduce water migration, increase impact, abrasion and shatter resistance, and provide a higher level of residual strength over our Fibermesh synthetic fibers.

In addition to our synthetic-and-steel-blended system, Novomesh is also offered in an engineered blend of macro-synthetic and fibrillated synthetic fibers that provide flexural toughness for commercial slabs and exterior pavements.

Novomesh provides support and cohesiveness in concrete on steep inclines and/or slipformed placements.