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Straight-Up Performance in Vertical Walls.

Propex Concrete Systems, the company that set the standard for fiber reinforcement in slab-on-ground applications, achieves the same for poured-in-place and insulated concrete form (ICF) walls with an advanced blend of steel and synthetic fibers. Our unique Novomesh® product, the first of its kind accepted by the International Code Council (ICC) for vertical wall applications, will save you time and money while adding unmatched strength and impact resistance to your project.

The Strength to Resist a Hurricane.

  • Novomesh-reinforced walls have been tested and proven to withstand hurricane-force winds up to 130 mph (209 km/hr).

  • Increased resistance to impact, shattering and fatigue.

  • Unique blend of steel and polypropylene fibers specifically designed to strengthen poured-in-place walls.

  • Meets ICC AC-15 testing requirements.

  • ICC Evaluation Report ER-5932.

Virtually Eliminates ICF Honeycombing and Blowouts.

  • With Novomesh fibers, your concrete’s mix is more cohesive; this encourages consolidated placement within insulated concrete forms (ICFs), preventing honeycombing and blowouts.

  • By reducing the amount of rebar, fewer obstructions are created within the form, further limiting opportunities for honeycombing to occur.

More Fibers. Less Rebar.

Reduce the amount of rebar you use to only these locations:

  • In the lintels over windows and doors.

  • Around openings in walls (doors and windows).

  • At the top of a wall that will have another wall added.

  • The connection between a wall and its foundation.

  • In areas requiring seismic reinforcement.


  • Poured-in-place concrete walls (residential and commercial).

  • Insulated concrete forms (ICFs).

  • Traditional wood or metal forms.

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